Saturday, January 8, 2011

So, I'm starting my blog!

I meant to start this thing on New Year's Day, but have been putting it off. I think procrastination for fear of not being perfect is a huge issue for me. Things are always so much more complicated in my mind than they are in reality. Today I have just decided to start writing and get this puppy going.

This was a big day for our family. My husband left for active duty in the US Army and will not be home for good for 16-17 months. This has motivated me to start a blog, but I can't commit to just writing about my experience as a military wife & mom. I want to be free to write about faith, mommying, music, childbirth, breastfeeding, life - whatever strikes me. I've found facebook to be a great outlet and way to share myself with others - this is an extension of that outlet.

Tonight my children went to bed with no argument, my girls cuddling together upstairs in the top bunk, my baby boy comfy in his crib. I think they know a new phase has started and they are resting up to make it all work. Good night!

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  1. Great job getting started...I am eager to read your posts as often as possible!