Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Schooling at home - relaxed and fun!

Some days this homeschooling thing just works. Today was so relaxed and yet I felt like we were doing exactly what we should be doing!

Here's what my 7-year-old did today:
Here she is, holding her treasure map and chest
  • spent about 45 minutes writing a list of all the chapter books she has read this year (mostly consisting of offerings from the Rainbow Fairy, Magic Tree House, Little House on the Prairie and American Girl series)
  • Doing this made her want to read, so she sat down for about 1 1/2 hours re-reading Little House in the Big Woods. 
  • After lunch, she spent an hour on her Singapore Math work doing story problems and graph-reading - mostly simple addition and subtraction. This is a huge success as she doesn't really enjoy math and I haven't pushed her. She's young.
  • We moved on to painting on large sheets of paper with little sis. 
  • Then, it was time for her monthly  Magic Tree House online book club. She has a great time chatting with the other kids from around the country and learning more about the historical context of the books.
She's happy. I'm happy. Progress was made. Good day!


  1. Hey there, saw this posted on the CurrClick fb page tonight !

  2. I didn't know you homeschooled!! How wonderful! :) I've always been VERY interested in homeschooling and plan on at least homeschooling through kindergarten. I'd love to get hear about some of your resources at some point before class is over!